Research & Development Fair


The University of Ibadan Research and Development Fair (UIRESDEV) Committee was established by the Senate of the University of Ibadan as part of efforts to promote the spirit of enquiry, research and discovery and to contribute to local and global development through creativity and innovation.

To bridge the gap of a lack of synergy between the University in terms of teaching, research and service delivery and the demands and challenges of the wider society(its immediate community and the nation at large), UIRESDEV is entrusted with the mandate of aligning Town and Gown for revolutionary national development, by developing ways of integrating the vocabulary of the University into the daily life of the Town through a Fair that will not only inform policy decisions, propel investors and investment, motivate inter-, multi- and trans- disciplinary collaborations but that will ultimately set the tone for future Research and Development focus that will bring the Town and Gown together for positive societal transformation.


The objectives of the University of Ibadan Research and Development Fair 2016 include:

  1. To showcase the wealth of opportunities in both basic and applied innovative researches at UI to potential investors, users, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders
  2. To disseminate outcomes of key research undertakings by UI staff and students.
  3. To catalyze commercialization of these research findings for the benefit of the university, community, the nation and world at large.
  4. To serve as platform for securing external funding thereby enhancing the profiles of researchers and research endeavors at UI
  5. To promote collaboration between Faculties, Departments and *Institutes for the overall vision of meeting societal needs
  6. To showcase Community services and outreaches available in the different units at the University of Ibadan.

Target stakeholders

Government: Ministries, Agencies, Executive, Judiciary and legislative arms, Military and Paramilitary, Patenting Organizations, Talent Incubation Centers.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Film industries, (Oil and Gas, Food and Cosmetics, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Farmers, Primary & Secondary Schools.

Populace: Art Connoisseurs, Other Institutions of higher learning, Mass media

It is our hope that you all will enjoy this fair and use the opportunities of the various exhibitions to network with friends and associates, in discussing new and interesting ideas and how to synergize them for the positive transformation of both our universities and research institutions and the wider society.