The ownership of intellectual property rights is governed by legislation (the Patents and Designs Act of 1971 and Copyright Act (Chapter C.28, as codified 2004)), and the terms of any relevant contracts (including those between the University and its employees and students, and with the sponsors of research or consultancy). In general, intellectual property rights created by a University employee shall be owned by the University of Ibadan. The University will normally assert its rights of ownership to patentable inventions and to computer software protectable by copyright.

Reward for Patent Commercialisation

The University has a reward mechanism, details of which are available from the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research Innovation & Strategic Partnerships. Any member of staff that is confirmed as an inventor is entitled to a share of income should the invention be successfully commercialised.

Benefit of Patent Protection

A patent gives the University of Ibadan the right to stop others from copying, manufacturing, selling, and importing the invention that is a subject of the patent, without the University's permission. The existence of a patent or even a patent application may be enough on its own to stop others from trying to exploit the invention. If it does not, it gives the University the right to take legal action to stop others exploiting the invention and possibly even to claim damages.

A patent or patent application also allows the University to sell, license or discuss with others in order to set up a business based around the invention.

At all times employees shall ensure that confidentiality is maintained so that inadvertent discussion or premature publishing does not jeopardise the University's ability to protect or to exploit intellectual property. Confidentiality Agreements will be routinely used to govern contracts with external organisations and require an authorised University signatory. Members of staff shall make no commitment regarding ownership of intellectual property rights.

For further information regarding Patenting and Commercialisation,

Please Contact the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research Innovation & Strategic Partnerships (RISP), University of Ibadan

and someone will always be happy to give you advice.