Web Decentralisation will enable staff to personally update their webpages at their convenience, which will ensure that the information on our webpages are up-to-date, While ITeMS will continue to ensure that the website design, layout, visibility and stability is at par with global standard, the decentralisation of webpages will be commencing at 3 levels as follows:

  1. Individual pages (Starting with Academic Staff)
  2. Department/Unit pages
  3. Faculty/Institute/Centre Pages

                  Workshop venue: Resource Centre, MacArthur Building

                  Workshop duration per session: 1 hour 30 minutes

For additional information, kindly contact the following individuals:

  1. Deputy Director, MIS, ITeMS, dd [email protected].ng;    08023658020
  2. Webmaster - Mrs. Esther Alabi, [email protected]; 07033069863

Kindly note that this also provides an opportunity to resolve difficulties of accessing institutional E-mail.